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My husband, Mike, and I have been team trucking for over 12 years. There are more and more team trucking operations cranking up every day!

The larger trucking companies see the benefits of running teams. The truck can deliver loads over many more miles, in a shorter amount of time. That means the company can get paid sooner, making the most of the drivers’ time and the equipment.

Every day, there are team drivers starting a business as contractors or independent owner operators in the trucking industry. Many parts of trucking are the same for solo and team trucking operations, but some are not.

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This website was designed to be a go-to resource for tips, tools and great discussion for all in the transportation industry. So, whether you’re a driver, dispatcher or owner operator, we have some goodies to share with you!

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We know truck driving can be stressful alone. But, working and often living with someone, even your spouse/ partner, can take that stress to another level. Let’s team up to keep the stress level down and the productivity high. Let’s make it happen!