The ELD Mandate Tug-of-War

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The ELD mandate is the latest “Hot Button” issue being argued over by many parties.

First of all, WHAT is the ELD mandate?  Let me break it all the way down…

ELDElectronic Logging Device (aka “ELog”) is a device that’s installed in a commercial vehicle to monitor. Every eligible commercial vehicle MUST have and ELD installed by Dec. 18, 2017. Continue reading “The ELD Mandate Tug-of-War”


FMCSA is “adjusting” fines due to inflation

Watch out… FMCSA is raising its fines for violations!

FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says that – due to inflation – fines, for violations, will be raised.

In all fairness, though, a few fines will actually be lower… WOW!

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I’ve included the link to the CCJ article which lists all the violations, along with their former and updated fines.

FMCSA adjusts fines for violations based on inflation


State Police are teaming up with truck drivers

Will you be trucking over the Memorial Day weekend, or will you be enjoying some off time?

Every day of the year is dangerous for truck drivers and 4-wheelers. But, when it comes to the holidays, you have to be extra careful!

I’m not sure which holidays are the worst… winter holidays with icy roads, or warm weather holidays, when it seems like people are in a bigger hurry to get there – wherever there is.

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In the Atlanta, Ga area, where we’re based, we started noticing signs a few years ago, telling 4-wheelers to leave more space, before getting in front of a truck.

Great job!

I’m not sure how much impact it’s had, but at least it’s a start!

I was so glad to see this article by CDLLife about Indiana State Police, and their approach to how cars drive around trucks.

I hope more states catch on, in an effort to keep people safe, and save more lives.

Happy Reading!

Indiana State Police Crack Down On Four Wheelers Driving Dangerously Around Trucks

Indiana State Police Target Four Wheelers Driving Dangerously Around Trucks

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I’m sure each state has their own law about spacing and changing lanes. Is your state enforcing this law?

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What are you seeing out there, on the road, that is a step in the right direction?

Please leave your comment below. Thanks!

Until next time… Be blessed and be SAFE!


The trucking industry is changing at EVERY turn!

What major changes have you noticed in the trucking industry lately?

Are you noticing a major shift in just about every part of the transportation industry? Is it affecting your trucking operation?

We all know that diesel prices are going through the roof, right? This chart, by YChart, shows a hike of $.07/gal in just one week!

Click here to read the full report

chart from YDraw on the diesel price hike in 2016 fro Team Trucking blog post "The dynamics of trucking are changing at EVERY turn!"

That wouldn’t be so bad, if the freight rates were increasing, with the same momentum. In one week, a truckstop where we fueled up, on a regular basis, raised their prices from $1.75/gal to $1.94/gal… WTH?!

Here’s an article that goes into detail on the diesel fuel price hike, Diesel Fuel Prices Jump 14% since February”

So, what else is making waves in the trucking industry?

Then, there’s the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act. Trucks are required to either a. install a special filter system, or b. be made with this new filter system.

If you’re not sure if your truck is allowed to run in California, click here to read the truck requirements:


It’s great that the government, and the states are working on cleaning up the environment. Plus, there are grants and loans available for trucking companies to get their older trucks up to regulation.

The only problem is that – in spite of what many people think – small trucking companies often don’t have the funds and/ or credit to access these grants and loans.

When we were running California, in 2013, we checked around for the best prices to have the filter system installed… $13,000!

Well, since we weren’t a California-based operation, we didn’t qualify for the $6,000 in grants they were offering.

It didn’t really matter anyway.

We felt bad for the 10,000s of small California-based trucking companies who were trying to figure out how they could stay in business.

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The only options were to either: a. pay to have the new filter installed, or b. take on a truck note to the tune of about $2000/mth.

Oh yeah… they could always park their truck at the state line, rent a car, and drive home. Or have someone meet them at the state line to bring them back and forth… SERIOUSLY?

These are the types of decisions we have to make, because we’re trying to provide a decent living for our families?

Yes, things change. But — and you may say this is a stretch — look at how long it’s taking the Federal Government to live up to the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980! 

Oh yeah… it was amended in 1995… Really? 

“The 2009 Collection Budget reported that the Federal Government generated 9.71 billion hours of mandatory paperwork burden.[22]

YES I’m ranting! YES I’m ticked off about this whole situation!

This is my view on the trucking industry, these days. I don’t think the “little guys” are being treated right. I won’t say “fair” because… what is fair anyway, right?

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I’m done ranting — for now — but not DONE! I think the next post will continue on more changes coming to trucking really soon… Ugh!

Until next time… Be blessed and be SAFE!

Driver, does the 34-hour restart regulation confuse you, too?

And what’s with this 73-hour restart I’m hearing? Smh

If it does, trust me when I say YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I was already confused when they introduced the possibility of the 73-hour restart rule. But now… DANG!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times… (Now I sound like my grandmother. Well, I am a grandmother! Lol) I don’t know why the Senate won’t leave well enough alone!

Aren’t there enough issues with USDOT and FMCSA, not to have to mess with everything that involves trucking regulations?

It seems to me like there are a lot of interoffice concerns that need to be addressed. For one, it would be great to be able to get the same information from different agencies. If you ask a State Trooper a logbook question, you’ll get a different answer than what a Public Safety Officer just gave you.

See… we’re not the only ones confused about the regulation changes. We’re just the only ones who have to pay for them!

I found this article which claims to help with the restart regulation confusion. It does a good job breaking it down, just down take it as gospel. By time you read the article, the regulations will have probably changed. Lol

Senate bill clears up 34-hour restart confusion, could add new hours limits



The U.S. Senate’s Appropriations Committee April 21 passed 30-0 a bill that corrects a legislative mess-up from December that put the 34-hour restart in jeopardy.

It makes clear that the restart remains available for use by truck operators shoulda pending study by the Department of Transportation find that pre-July 2013 restart rules are more effective for truckers’ fatigue levels than those that took effect July 1, 2013.

Should that be the case, the bill would also kick in a few changes to hours of service limits. Specifically, it would set a 73-hour cap on the amount of time truckers can spend on duty in any consecutive seven-day period after utilizing a 34-hour restart. According to the bill’s text obtained by Overdrive, “the 7-day measurement period moves forward 1 day at midnight each day.”

Current 60 hours in 7 days and 70 hours in 8 days provisions would remain intact.

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Until next time… Be awesome and be SAFE!

Are you ready for a nationwide emission-control regulation?

ready or not… comply or stay out!

What year is your heavy-duty truck? If it’s older than a 2012, are you going to comply with the emission regulations?

While waiting to get unloaded, the other day, the driver in the dock next to us, came over and sparked up a conversation.

He asked my husband, “Do you run California?” “Not anymore,” my husband answered. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, I see you have an older truck, and was wondering if you were CARB-compliant,” the driver said. Continue reading “Are you ready for a nationwide emission-control regulation?”


Are diesel prices rising faster than freight charges?

Are your freight charges keeping up with the diesel price increase?

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Let’s face it… we ALL were enjoying the super-low diesel prices over the past couple of years, right?

But, we knew that it wouldn’t last long. In fact, I’m sure many of you are still kind of surprised that it lasted as long as it did, huh?

Unfortunately, not ALL of us understand the diesel price roller coaster ride 🙁 I feel bad for the people who got into trucking, and thought that the diesel prices were going to stay so low.

They had so much confidence in the low diesel prices, that a lot of them went out and bought trucks — paying $2000+ per month truck notes — UH OH!

Needless to say, a lot of those new and small companies went out of business. They didn’t realize that, yes, even those big, bright, shiny rigs have mechanical issues… BIG truck note, or not! Continue reading “Are diesel prices rising faster than freight charges?”


You may have to pump your brakes for Spring Break!

Have you been in any Spring Break traffic jams? Or have you figured out how to get around them?


Spring Break image for Team Trucking's

Well, I’ll tell you that… YES, we’ve been in a major traffic jam due to Spring Break. So, NO, we didn’t know how to get around it… Ugh!

After delivering in Orangeburg, S.C., we went across the street to a Love’s Travel Stop. I had to use the restroom really bad, because the receiver didn’t allow you in the building.

It was one of the places where you put the paperwork in the back of the trailer, chock the wheels and wait for the green light to go red, then green again.

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About an hour later, they still hadn’t been on the trailer, so I was getting real antsy. My coffee was starting to kick in… Uh Oh!

We knew Spring Break was coming up, but had no idea it was going to hit so hard! Continue reading “You may have to pump your brakes for Spring Break!”


Used trucks sales are up, yet driving jobs are down

Are you thinking of trading up your truck?Used Trucks

When my brother-in-law started his trucking company, last summer, my husband started on a hunt for a good, used truck.

The budget for a truck was around $15,000. At first, my husband thought that finding a solid truck, in that price range, wouldn’t be too hard.

Wow… was he wrong!

They looked at used trucks in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama before finding a 2001 Freightliner Century in North Carolina.

It has all the specs my husband was looking for — Detroit 12.6 motor, 10 speed, etc.

My husband and I drive a 2003 Freightliner Columbia with the same specs. We rebuilt the motor in November 2013. She now has about 300,000 miles on her.

It was interesting to learn that, even without rebuilding the motor, her value has increased tremendously! Continue reading “Used trucks sales are up, yet driving jobs are down”