You may have to pump your brakes for Spring Break!

Have you been in any Spring Break traffic jams? Or have you figured out how to get around them?


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Well, I’ll tell you that… YES, we’ve been in a major traffic jam due to Spring Break. So, NO, we didn’t know how to get around it… Ugh!

After delivering in Orangeburg, S.C., we went across the street to a Love’s Travel Stop. I had to use the restroom really bad, because the receiver didn’t allow you in the building.

It was one of the places where you put the paperwork in the back of the trailer, chock the wheels and wait for the green light to go red, then green again.

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About an hour later, they still hadn’t been on the trailer, so I was getting real antsy. My coffee was starting to kick in… Uh Oh!

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The Feds are trying to team up with the states in trucking

so what’s the problem?

For years, we’ve known about California regulating some parts of trucking, however they want to, right?

For example, California wasn’t — and I believe still isn’t — on the same computer system, regarding Commercial Driver’s License records.

Now, California and a few other states, want to handle the meal and bathroom breaks, in their own manner.

It’s refreshing to hear that someone on the Federal level understands exactly how important it is, to NOT dock a truck driver’s pay in such an idiotic manner!

After reading this article, and watching the video, leave a comment below, about what you think of the docked pay situation. Thanks!


A “poison pill” truck driver pay provision tucked into a massive aviation reform bill came under fire from a leading Senate Democrat Thursday, but big trucking’s top lobbying group quickly defended the legislation, citing the industry’s need to operate on a single “coast-to-coast” system  rather than a “patchwork” of state laws.

At issue is language in the in the AIRR Act (HR 1441) that that spells out “Federal authority” over state and local laws.

Backers say the legislation is needed because some states (specifically California and its courts) have repeatedly failed to recognize that federal preemptions under the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act of 1994 (F4A) apply to interstate trucking operations. As a result, trucking companies could be required to schedule and pay drivers according to the employment laws of each state in which they operate.

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Who’s teaming up with you in trucking?

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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, and just overall love for being here to experience life, in general, I wanted this week’s blog post to be about appreciation.

I know many truck drivers who don’t like their work, as a truck driver. “Just quit and do something else.” Well, that’s easier said than done, right?

But, to those drivers who are so caught up in their own grumbling, I’d like to ask you this… “Who is going through your struggles and aggravation with you? Who is listening to your complaints, day in and day out?

No. They don’t have to be in the truck with you. Do you have kids? Who’s taking care of them? Do you have a house? Is there someone there making sure everything is in order, while you’re gone so you still have a house to call home? Continue reading “Who’s teaming up with you in trucking?”


Are trucking companies teaming up to strip down?

It seems like trucking companies are buying other trucking companies, then closing the doors of the newly acquires company.

The only reason it seem like this is happening, is for the new Head Honcho to get the customer base of the other trucking company.

This would be fine, by me, if it didn’t mean placing people out of work. Did these employees get a heads up that they’d be losing their job?

The most recent situation, like this, is with XPO Logistics, who recently bought Con-Way Freight.

I’d like to hear your input. What do you think about this happening across the trucking industry? Please leave your comments and questions below. Thanks!

XPO Logistics Closes Seven Truck Terminals

Company extends cost-reduction effort at former Con-way Freight operation by shutting service centers in remote locations

An XPO Logistics less-than-truckload truck.
An XPO Logistics less-than-truckload truck. PHOTO: XPO LOGISTICS INC.

XPO Logistics Inc. has closed seven freight terminals in the former Con-way Inc. trucking network, extending cost reductions at the business it acquired last fall.

The shutdowns in what XPO said were remote locations follow the elimination of 190 jobs last week in what the company said were back-office areas of the former Con-way Freight less-than-truckload operation, which sells delivery services on trucks for multiple customers.

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Teaming up with Millenials in trucking

Teaming up with Millenials in trucking blog post picture of a road sign

Are you a recruiter in the trucking industry? Is it getting harder to recruit and keep younger, qualified drivers?

As with just about every other industry, attracting and retaining good talent can be such a challenge, right?

Here’s a good read that addresses just that problem. After reading it, tell me what you got out of the article, and what you would add. Thanks!

TeamOne Logistics Shares Top 3 Tips For Recruiting Millennials

ATLANTA, Jan. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — TeamOne Logistics is a nationally recognized workforce expert for the trucking industry, currently serving customers in 87 locations, and employing 800 employees across 29 states.

They accomplish this by providing staffing agency assistance and solutions in expert logistics recruiting, improved employee retention,workers compensation and liability coverage, administrative systems and support, custom safety and compliance, and strategic and operational support.

If your company is looking to hire millennials, you need to be aware of what they look out for in a potential employer. This age group is unique for many reasons, especially when it comes to their work requirements.

TeamOne Logistics discusses the top three tips on how to recruit members of Generation Y into your company:

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So, how do you attract and retain your talent? Please share your input in the comments section below. Thanks!

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Winter Storm Jonas was a ‘hot mess’!

Were you one of the unfortunate motorists to get stuck on the road during Winter Storm Jonas? Were there emergency bans for your area?

Do you remember the very unusually warm weather we had, not that long ago? Here in Atlanta, Ga, we were celebrating Christmas inside and out. We were blessed to enjoy 74 degrees!

Well, we’re no dummies! We knew there would be a steep price to pay for such enjoyment… and it came in the form of a Winter Storm name ‘Jonas’.

Fortunately, we didn’t get stuck on the road. Here, at home, we got some snowfall on Friday, but it started melting by noon on Saturday.

So, how and where did you spend your time during this unusually cold weekend?

This story is definitely worth sharing. If you didn’t hear just how bad some motorists had it, this will give you a crystal clear idea!

Winter Storm Jonas Paralyzes Travel: Ban Issued in New York, Drivers Stranded on Pennsylvania Turnpike

pic of The Weather Channel article on travel bans due to Winter Storm Jonas 1/22/16 for Team Trucking blog post

Winter Storm Jonas has crippled travel in multiple regions with its snow and ice, and as of Saturday morning, thousands of motorists were stranded on two separate roadways in Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

Air travel has been heavily affected by Jonas as well. Flight tracking service FlightAware says more than 9,000 flights to, from or within the U.S. have been canceled this weekend due to the blizzard hitting the East Coast.

The bulk of Saturday’s nearly 4,900 cancellations are at airports in the New York City and Washington areas. Another 1,500 flights were canceled for Sunday. Those cancellations center on Philadelphia, Washington and New York City. Airlines have essentially shut down all flights into those cities.

The airlines hope to be back to a full schedule by Sunday afternoon to handle the typical influx of business travelers heading out to start the work week.

The Regan National and Dulles International airports are expected to remain closed through Sunday. Significant snowfall and high winds have made removing snow from the runways, roadways and parking lot difficult.

Amtrak service was affected across the Northeast Saturday, and service changes, including cancellations, were also planned for Sunday in the region, according to a press release.

Here is a state-by-state breakdown of Winter Storm Jonas’ travel impacts.


Did I miss anything? What would you add to this article? What one suggestion would you give a new truck driver who is about to experience their first winter driving?

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Hey Driver… I smell a VICTORY!

Driver… Have you heard the latest about the FMCSA?! Smells like those annoying CSA Scores are heading out the door (for now, anyway)… WooHoo!

What do you think about this whole situation? Leave your comment in the form below or email

Trucking groups: New carrier scoring rule violates FAST Act highway law provisions

The removal of CSA's SMS percentile rankings from public view presents one of three major problems with the agency's pursuit of a Safety Fitness Determination rule, trucking groups argue, as safety determinations were supposed to be at least in part based on the SMS' BASICs, per FMCSA's summary of the rule.

The removal of CSA’s SMS percentile rankings from public view presents one of three major problems with the agency’s pursuit of a Safety Fitness Determination rule, trucking groups argue, as safety determinations were supposed to be at least in part based on the SMS’ BASICs, per FMCSA’s summary of the rule.










A group of trucking industry stakeholders has issued a challenge to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Safety Fitness Determination rulemaking, publication of which is expected this month.

The coalition, which includes the National Association of Small Trucking Companies, the Western State Trucking Association, ASECTT and five others, on Tuesday sent a letter to members of Congress and, according to sources, FMCSA Administrator-elect Scott Darling, asking them to reconsider the rule given provisions of the December-enacted FAST Act highway funding law.



“Behind The Scenes” takes a closer at the trucking industry

A great article! This "Behind the Scenes" episode should be GOOD!

Advances in the Trucking Industry are discussed on “Behind The Scenes” with James Earl Jones for Public Television

A new segment for the popular series discusses trucking in detail.

(PRWEB) JANUARY 08, 2016

“Behind The Scenes”, with host James Earl Jones (star of dozens of Hollywood feature films and Broadway productions in his career), have announced that the popular program will cover the topic of advances in the trucking industry in an upcoming episode. The trucking industry has been on the forefront of technology in recent years, implementing a wide range of different advancements that have completely revolutionized supply chain management in the United States for the better.

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Many advancements in the trucking industry have had to do with an attempt to keep the roads safer for both truckers and pedestrians alike. Trucks are now outfitted with GPS systems, helping managers keep an eye on where their products are and whether or not the truckers themselves are maintaining safe driving practices. With advanced inventory control techniques, it is not easier than ever to monitor the movement of important stock as it makes its way across the country.

“Behind The Scenes” is distributed to Public Television Stations in most major markets around the United States – check the show’s site for additional information. As the program was designed from the beginning to be a completely independent production, it is not affiliated with PBS or APT in any way.


Nearly 2,000 drivers could lose their CDL

Nearly 2,000 commercial truck drivers in Florida will have to retake their commercial driver’s license (CDL) exams if they want to keep their licenses, News 4 JAX reports. The move comes after a test administrator in Florida was arrested on identification fraud charges.


Last month, the state’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles sent letters to 1,997 CDL holders informing them that the skills test they previously passed to obtain their licenses may not have been valid, according to the report.

Drivers who received the notices must retake the exam before Jan. 19 or their licenses will be canceled.Type your paragraph here.

Did I miss anything? Please leave your question below. Thanks!

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Is the trucking industry really short on driving jobs?

chart of trucking employment

When you hear that there is a massive shortage of truck driving jobs, whatcomes to mind? Then, what do you think when you hear that trucking companies aren’t hiring?

It’s a confusing situation, to say the least! I’m not quite sure what to think either way, but I thought this article was pretty interesting. Read it then, in the comment box below, tell me what you think about the whole truck driver shortage situation. Thanks!

This week’s article in the spotlight is:

“Trucking adds 2,300  jobs in November as US Employment Numbers Climb Again”

The for-hire trucking industry in November added 2,300 jobs on a seasonally adjusted basis, according to the Department of Labor’s monthly employment report, released Dec. 4. The DOL also downwardly revised the preliminary figures reported last month for October, noting now a 900-job loss in the trucking industry for the month rather than a 400-job gain.

The U.S. economy as a whole in November added 211,000 jobs, and the country’s unemployment rate held at 5 percent.

Tonnage improved in October, but is still struggling to keep up with 2014 marks. Conditions for shippers, meanwhile, may signal potential rate increases looming for …
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